Progrez.Cloud v2.0
Creator: jMozac
Teams: jMozac, Abdul Djalil Djayali, Anak HONDA, Ałļ_Nëţ, xretsu, ジトナ, jPublic, Ipank Veslia, Deden Gobel, Gazali Umawaitina, gulam᚜⊆⊇᚛hazmin
What does it do?
Progrez.Cloud is project management web based. It can be used for monitoring projects progress by main and sub tasks. Both can be a report for team and client. Because there is a dashboard for team, and a frontend for projects client.

Why do you need it?
Sometime we can't answer simple question like "What percentage of the project has been done?" , and Progrez.Cloud has the answer in number and data by solved tasks.

Who is it for?
Not just a team project or paid project. Progrez.Cloud can be used by who has a plan to do as single person. So, anybody can use Progrez.Cloud

What makes it stand out from the crowd?
You have github for expert users. We have Progrez.Cloud for newbie users.

Whats next?
Our scheduled plan is still on going. We have lots of task to do.
Projects Progrez.Cloud v2.0 (67%)
Task Author Done at Progress
Hardening jMozac 50%
Upgrade YarpCipher 3.0 to 3.5 jMozac N/A
ADEM jMozac 19 months ago
Dashboard jMozac 80%
History of mounth finish task Anak HONDA N/A
My Profile - Generate / Revoke UserKey jMozac 10 months ago
Global Chat jMozac 20 months ago
Change "Project Discussion" to "Project Timeline" jMozac 20 months ago
Global History jMozac 21 months ago
Server Side jMozac 100%
Backup Optimization jMozac 11 months ago
Auto Backup File jMozac 20 months ago
HTTPS for Domain jMozac 21 months ago
HTTPS for subdomain jMozac 21 months ago
Upgrade PHPMyAdmin to 4.8.4 jMozac 21 months ago
Routine Auto Backup jMozac 22 months ago
Add Features jMozac 55%
Sound Notifications Chat jMozac N/A
Download Report Progress as PDF jMozac N/A
Fitur Notulensi gulam᚜⊆⊇᚛hazmin N/A
Marking Task or Subtask xretsu N/A
Monthly Report jMozac N/A
Invite some user to project by username Abdul Djalil Djayali N/A
Project Categories jMozac N/A
Searching project by name/name task Abdul Djalil Djayali N/A
Export Task to PDF Abdul Djalil Djayali N/A
Upload file/image in Project Discussion jMozac N/A
Notification Progress to Subscribed Client's Project jMozac N/A
Submit Error and Vulnerability for Progrez.Cloud jMozac N/A
Dual Languages jMozac N/A
Assign "Task Author" When Adding Task gulam᚜⊆⊇᚛hazmin N/A
Timeline Calendar Per Project jMozac N/A
Stay Sign In jMozac 9 months ago
Web Monitoring Features jMozac 10 months ago
Menampilkan task yg Dihapus Ipank Veslia 10 months ago
Web Page Monitoring Information jMozac 11 months ago
Sticky Task on the Top jMozac 13 months ago
Timeline Calendar All Projects jMozac 13 months ago
Reminder jMozac 14 months ago
Debit/Credit in Budgeting jMozac 15 months ago
Tasks Sort By jMozac 15 months ago
Sub > sub task Abdul Djalil Djayali 15 months ago
Bot auto greeting new member in Global Chat jMozac 15 months ago
Project API jMozac 15 months ago
Title all icon Abdul Djalil Djayali 20 months ago
Redirect Link Automatic Ałļ_Nëţ 20 months ago
Monthly Tasks Filtering jMozac 20 months ago
Project Activities History jMozac 20 months ago
Notifications jMozac 20 months ago
Team Chit Chat jMozac 21 months ago
Update Features jMozac 74%
Static Share Link Blog Progrez Anak HONDA N/A
Upgrade to CSS Scratch v1.1 jMozac N/A
Upgrade to JS Scratch v1.1 jMozac N/A
Team Level for Grant Privilleges jMozac N/A
Change Project Init jMozac N/A
Privacy setting to all task xretsu N/A
Multiple Sub Task Gazali Umawaitina N/A
Drag Project List Gazali Umawaitina N/A
Advanced Project Statistic jMozac N/A
Button Color Sub Tak (Sample : Project Copy) Gazali Umawaitina A month ago
Blog Share to Socmed jMozac A month ago
"Enter to Submit" on Adding New Task jMozac 5 months ago
WYSIWYG Input Editor jMozac 15 months ago
Send Query to Update Telegram Cache jMozac 18 months ago
Re-order solved tasks by Time's "Done" in Frontend Report jMozac 20 months ago
Show date "Done at" in Frontend Report jMozac 20 months ago
Captcha Register jMozac 20 months ago
Simplify Archives Layout jMozac 20 months ago
Project activities in Chats Timeline jMozac 20 months ago
Bring back Create Project's in Menu Projects jMozac 20 months ago
Changes Projects List Layout jMozac 20 months ago
Order Projects by Last Activities jMozac 20 months ago
Simplify Title in Project Detail jMozac 21 months ago
Change Project Avatar jMozac 21 months ago
Chat > Get Chats Per Project jMozac 21 months ago
Change Logo jMozac 21 months ago
Info last solved task in og.description jMozac 21 months ago
Scratch.js v0.3 jMozac 21 months ago
Notifications Number Appear in Title Bar jMozac 21 months ago
In Task Page, Change Title Bar to Project Name jMozac 21 months ago
Chat Profile Initial to Avatar jMozac 21 months ago
Profile's Avatar jMozac 21 months ago
Realtime Chat jMozac 21 months ago
Show days instead of datetime jMozac 22 months ago
Bugs jMozac 98%
Multiple Chats jMozac N/A
Fixing Expand Collapse Main Task jMozac A month ago
Fixing False Info (...) For Task With Content jMozac A month ago
Stik on Top, not working Gazali Umawaitina 5 months ago
Image not show in progrez blog. Anak HONDA 9 months ago
E-Mail not sent jMozac 9 months ago
Project "Privacy" not change Anak HONDA 9 months ago
Update Empty Password jMozac 9 months ago
Enter On Login jMozac 10 months ago
Truncated Project Name in Archives jMozac 14 months ago
False Project Percentage in Frontend's List Projects jMozac 15 months ago
Joined Project Not Show in Archives After Creator Move Project to Archive jMozac 15 months ago
Cannot Edit Nominal in Budgeting ジトナ 15 months ago
Delete Task Doesn't Update Projects Last Update jMozac 15 months ago
Sub-Sub Tasks Doesn't Copied in Copy Project jMozac 15 months ago
Failed Login Notification's Layout jMozac 15 months ago
Long Description as New Page jMozac 19 months ago
UNIQUE `email` jMozac 20 months ago
URL Encode failed in Project Description jMozac 20 months ago
Private Task Shown Empty in Progrez Activities jMozac 20 months ago
Private task showed in meta header jMozac 20 months ago
Change Double to Single Quote in Meta Description jMozac 20 months ago
Forget Password jMozac 20 months ago
Link from Project Chat To Project Task jMozac 20 months ago
og.image per project jMozac 21 months ago
Meta header error in Project Detail jMozac 21 months ago
As team member, Finished project not found in archives jMozac 21 months ago
Change New Copied Project's Avatar to default jMozac 21 months ago
New Chat Notifications, Appear Repeatedly in the Title jMozac 21 months ago
Remove Ads Injection From Telkomsel Madaf jMozac 21 months ago
Info Done and Reopen Project in Progrez Timeline jMozac 21 months ago
Avatar in Realtime Chat Not Shown jMozac 21 months ago
Reset Duration After Copy Project jMozac 21 months ago
Leak System Home Directory by Favicon jMozac 21 months ago
Disabled Action in Archived Projects jMozac 21 months ago
Input Empty Task jMozac 21 months ago
Move Finished Project in Joined Project to Archive jMozac 21 months ago
Sorting Chat to Descending jMozac 21 months ago
Privacy in Progrez Activities jMozac 21 months ago
Chat Spamming jMozac 21 months ago
Post Empty Chat jMozac 21 months ago
Styling Form Fields in Create Project jMozac 21 months ago
Register Failed jMozac 21 months ago
Undefined ls.collapse jMozac 21 months ago
Mark Task With Description jMozac 22 months ago
Screenshot-2018-11-29 Follow up your progress.png jMozac
After Check Done, Percentage Show HTML jMozac 22 months ago
Empty Username jMozac 22 months ago
Empty Fullname jMozac 22 months ago
Hidden jMozac 22 months ago
CSRF jMozac 22 months ago
Less column after add task jMozac 22 months ago
Remove Features jMozac 100%
Remove Widget Chat in Project's Tasks jMozac 19 months ago
Remove Button Create Project in Join, Sample, and Archives jMozac 21 months ago
Android App jMozac 0%
Offline Mode 0%
Insert task Anak HONDA N/A
Read Task Anak HONDA N/A
Frontend jMozac 40%
Updates 100%
Sub SubTask in Projects Detail jMozac N/A
Upgrade Alpha Ver to RC Version jMozac N/A
Features jMozac N/A
About jMozac N/A
F.A.Q jMozac N/A
Video jMozac N/A
Project per Categories jMozac N/A
Add New Task in Meta Header jMozac 5 months ago
Personal Blog jMozac 10 months ago
File Attachment jMozac
File Attachment jMozac
File Attachment jMozac
File Attachment jMozac
File Attachment jMozac
Blog jMozac 10 months ago
File Attachment jMozac
Change Templates jMozac 21 months ago

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